Delicious decoration

Flakes are tasty on toast but can also be a delicious addition to other products. As decoration on doughnuts, croissants and pies – an edge of glazed chocolate flakes – or as an ingredient in baking mixes. You can choose from different kinds of flakes: the crumble variety with a dull finish or a glazed, flat flake with a more delicate structure.

Composition and size

Milk, dark, white. Thin or really thin. Glazed, not glazed. Coloured or not coloured. Make your choice! Flakes are available in several sizes. As you may have noticed we are very flexible and can offer a ton of possibilities. We tailor make our flakes for you.


(1,8 mm - 7 mm)
  • Chocolate flakes dark
  • Chocolate flakes milk
  • Dark chocolate and white decoration flakes mix
  • Chocolate flakes glazed dark
  • Chocolate flakes glazed milk
  • Decoration flakes glazed white
  • Chocolate pajets dark
  • Chocolate pajets milk
  • Dark and milk chocolate with white decoration pajets mix
  • Decoration pajets white


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