A packaging that works

For your brand, for your organization

Smart packaging for the industry

For companies that process Delicia’s products in dairy, ice cream, bakery and cereal products it is important that the way we supply products is compatible with the design of the production chain. We think along with you. Without losing sight of quality, speed and convenience we offer you the most efficient solution.


For clients in the food industry we pack our products in skillets, boxes, bags and big bags of different sizes.

“You only get one chance for a first impression. Make it count!”

  • Big bag 400 KG to 700 KG
  • Bag-in-box 5 KG to 20 KG
  • Paper bag 20 KG
  • Doybag 50 G to 1 KG
  • Skillet with window 200 G to 1 KG
  • Skillet without window 200 G to 1 KG

Attractive packaging for the retail

We owe our position of preferred supplier in retail to the products and services we offer. Did you know Delicia helps to develop the right packaging concept for your target group? We know exactly what is going on in the market and translate that knowledge to a powerful concept that suits your positioning. Delicia makes your brand shine. 


We offer a large packaging range to retail organizations such as different forms and sizes of skillets and foil. Tailor-made packaging solutions are also possible.

“Delicia helps you on the way to a
well-considered and efficient production process.”