Indulging and surprising

When it comes to indulging or surprising people, Delicia’s coated range offers the best you can get in terms of taste, looks and experience. Discover different kinds of flakes, loops and crispies – all coated with a layer of real Belgian chocolate – and give your product some style. We are incredibly fast in developing coated products and are eager to show you our latest introductions.

Innovating with coated products

We gladly accept the challenge to develop new products with you. Our R&D team works on new ideas in out test lab. Only when you are satisfied with the results of the test we upscale the production. Good to know: we do not process nuts or peanuts on our production lines.

Whether you want to develop a topping for a dessert or a whole new cereal concept: we have the experience and the drive to help you to successfully introduce new products into the market.



  • Chocolate coated corn- or multigrain flakes
  • Chocolate coated triomix flakes dark/milk/white
  • Chocolate coated brownies
  • Chocolate coated buttercrocant caramel/sea salt
  • Dark chocolate coated 3 layer balls
  • Choco coated balls mango/passionfruit flavour
  • Chocolate coated crunchy balls milk/white mix
  • Choco coated balls caramel/white
  • Chocolate coated sticks milk/white mix
  • Chocolate coated triomix balls dark/milk/white
  • Choco coated ovals with natural colourings


“Invest in perception. Choose coated products.
Don’t hesitate to contact us, we like thinking with you.”