A colourful mix

Our crispies product group consists of a colourful mix of crunchy little balls and has positive impact on your product’s taste, looks and experience. The crunchy character guarantees a whole new taste experience. Crispies are often used in the bakery, dairy and ice cream industry. With these colourful crispies you turn your product into a true eye catcher.

Tastes and colours

Crispies are available in several sizes. They come in the choco colours dark, milk or white, separately or in a mix. We also offer crispies in a circus mix in rainbow colours. Would you like something else? Talk to us about the possibilities for a tailor made coating.


(2 mm - 4 mm)
  • Crispies circus mix
  • Crispies mix choco colours dark, milk and white
  • Crispies mix with natural colourings
  • Crispies mix Halloween


“You want to know more about different kinds of crispies and coatings?
Please contact us.”